Final Results for April 2016
Apr Mar Apr M-M Y-Y
2016 2016 2015 Change Change
Index of Consumer Sentiment 89.0 91.0 95.9 -2.2% -7.2%
Current Economic Conditions 106.7 105.6 107.0 +1.0% -0.3%
Index of Consumer Expectations 77.6 81.5 88.8 -4.8% -12.6%
Next data release: May 13, 2016 for Preliminary May data at 10am ET
Surveys of Consumers chief economist, Richard Curtin
Consumer sentiment continued its slow decline in late April due to weakening expectations for future growth, although their views of current economic conditions remained positive. All of the April decline was in the Expectations component, which fell by 4.8% from one month ago and by 12.6% from a year ago and by 14.7% from its January 2015 peak. The retreat from the 2015 peaks was evident across a wide range of expectations about prospects for the national economy. The size of the decline, while troublesome, is still far short of indicating an impending recession. The decline is all the more remarkable given that consumers' assessments of current economic conditions, including their personal finance, have remained largely unchanged at very positive levels during the past year. This divergence may reflect the strength of the consumer relative to the business sectors, and may have been exacerbated by growing uncertainty about the economic policies advocated by various presidential candidates. Overall, the data indicate that inflation-adjusted personal consumption expenditures will grow by 2.5% in 2016.