Preliminary Results for March 2015
Mar Feb Mar M-M Y-Y
2015 2015 2014 Change Change
Index of Consumer Sentiment 91.2 95.4 80.0 -4.4% +14.0%
Current Economic Conditions 103.0 106.9 95.7 -3.6% +7.6%
Index of Consumer Expectations 83.7 88.0 70.0 -4.9% +19.6%
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Surveys of Consumers chief economist, Richard Curtin
Consumer optimism slipped in early March among lower and middle income households (-6.5% from February) while confidence improved among households with incomes in the top third (+3.2%). The renewed concerns expressed by lower and middle income households mainly involved income declines and higher utility costs as well as disruptions to shopping and businesses due to the harsh winter. Among those with incomes in the top third, strong gains were concentrated in the near term outlook for the economy and buying plans. Despite the small temporary setbacks, the overall level of consumer confidence remains favorable enough to support 3.3% growth rate in personal consumption expenditures during 2015.